Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pool time

With all the heat this weekend (Fri, 5/21/2010), I decided to open up the pool. I bought some solar panels for it. Hooked them up Saturday, only to lose 1/2 of the pool water when a hose popped off. If I didn't have bottom drains, I would have run the pump dry.

So, topped off the pool with 5000 gallons of tap water (probably 50F?). 91 Ambient Sunday and sunny brought the temperature up from 62 to 67. Monday saw the temperature go from 67 to 76. Today (Tuesday), with 91 ambient and sunny, the pool went from 76 to 82F. That was enough to go in the water.

I went into the water to hook up the inside stairs. I dropped a screw and had to look for it. I don't want to step on it and have it poke through the liner. That was nice to be back in the water again. I had to go to the bottom and look for a while. It turns out the screw fell under the stairs. It was fun diving for the screw, though.

I will probably un-hook the solar panels until the pool water gets cool again. Even when the valve is bypassing the solar panels, all of the tubing and piping makes the pressure go from 14 psi to 20 psi on the system. I know the pump will be a lot happier without all that tubing.

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