Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Waiting for people

People who are late are often happier than those who have to wait for them.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jewish and Catholic

I wish Jewish people would realize that they are also Catholic. Jesus was their Messiah before he was the Catholic's Messiah.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Evolution theory

When talking about evolution, we should be specific and talk about evolution of species. There should be no question that within a species there is cross breeding which can generate new types of animals within a species. I will even grant that when a donkey and horse breed, it gives a mule. But, by definition, animals of different species cannot mate with each other and re-produce. Not even animals in the same genus but different species have been able to produce offspring.

However, a mule is very similar to a donkey and a horse. A wolf is similar to a dog. A midget is a type of person with the "midget" gene.

It really does seem absurd that a cat can give birth to a dog, but even more absurd that a reptile by chance would give birth to a bird.

Even in the case of the number of genes being different, as in mongoloid children, the offspring is still a homosapien.

Genetically, if matching genes are not there, the mates produce no offspring. Even with bacteria, which reproduces at a much higher rate than vertebrates, e-coli produces e-coli and does not produce some entirely new species of bacterium.

Even if, by chance, there was a new sexual species produced, it could not re-produce unless there were two of the same "new" species produced. That is because the "new" species could not mate and re-produce with its "parent" species. The new species would have to come about as one male and one female in the same time period (fertile period) and the same geographic area. Only with two instances of the new species can the evolved species re-produce.

The rate of evolution is between one in 2 million years to 20 million years ( http://www.thisviewoflife.org/evolution/rates.html ) Therefore, the chances of two offspring with the same mutation in the same "fertile period" in the same location is so very unlikely. Of course it is also unlikely and illogical that there is some being existing in a realm insensible to our five senses which possesses the power to produce life forms because of its will alone.

Evolution and Creation are both just theories. Each theory is not proven. There is nothing in the fossil record that one species gave birth to a different species. The new species just shows up at a certain level in the fossil record.

I have been to quarries before and have seen the massive amounts of trilobite fossils, and the absence of any other vertebrate fossil.

Animals and plants become extinct. New animals and plants are discovered that were previously unknown. However, there has not been a case in post historic times (the last 6000 years) when a new species was born. I don't expect that will ever happen.

Also the idea of a universe that is infinitely old and cycles from big bang to big bang is also not possible. The expansion of the universe is accelerating and not slowing down. There has only been one big bang, and there will not be another. The amount of time for life to have appeared is finite.

Life, therefore, cannot be explained by science, nor can it be proved by religion. It is just a great mystery which will probably never be solved.