Wednesday, January 27, 2010

nature haiku

The moon shines brightly
Bringing loneliness to earth
howling coyotes

Factual haiku

First five syllables.
Seven syllables are next.
Five more in the end.

Funny haiku

Knock Knock. Who is there?
Haiku. Haiku who? Haiku-ed
I borrow some salt?

Tired haiku

It is time for bed.
Yet I twitter on and on.
I shall sleep in late.

Funny haiku

In delivery
a pregnant woman exclaims

Food haiku

Pizza is yummy
Tomato, crust, and cheeses
I will always eat.

Bedtime haiku

The last thing I do
before I head off to bed
is start the washer

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dippy eggs

Today, I made a treat my Grandma made. It was eggs over easy, with the yolk not cooked solid. This was served with buttered toast. After adding a little salt and pepper, break open the top of the yolk and sop the yolk by dipping the bread in. Take a bite out of the bread and repeat.

Because of the dipping, Grandma always called them "dippy eggs."