Monday, March 5, 2012

Two interminable recurring conversations for parents

I always have two conversations with my children that will not cease in the foreseeable future. The first goes like this:

Situation 1: Yelling

Setting: After asking for the nth time for something to be done and then yelling.

Me: You must like it when I yell.
Child: No, I do not.
(Children NEVER like to be yelled at.)
Me: Then why do you wait until I yell to do what you're told? If you don't like when I yell you would do what you are told before I yell.
Child: I don't know...
(The child cannot compete with that logic.)

Situation 2: Do what I want not what you want

Me: I want you to do so and so.
Child: I don't want to.
Me: If you wanted to, you would already be doing it. Because I had to ask you to do it, I already know you don't want to. You will do it because I asked you to, not because you want to.

There is no answer for that logic, either. But, it is still recurring. I would like to think the child will eventually remember these situations, but it mostly escapes them.

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