Monday, November 29, 2010

About abortion

Abortion kills a developing child. Inside the mother, the developing human depends on the mother for nutrients. This is not much different than the case of a newborn. A newborn has to be fed or it will die. He has no inkling of how to feed himself or stay safe.

Spiritually, this falls under "You shall not murder", Exodus 20:13 . The fact that a human in the womb has cells which divide classifies it as life. To stop those cells from dividing through a deliberate intervention would be considered murder. This also has legal implications. Science is clear hear. Once the egg cell is fertilized and starts to divide, that is a living organism. I only mention this because there are people who would say "so where in the bible is abortion forbidden?" However, it does not have to be in the bible. It is in the law as well.

Logically, a woman can do with her body what she wants. Every cell in her body has the same DNA. However, the developing human in her uterus has different DNA, and is not her body. The organism (whatever we decided to name the stage of development) inside the pregnant mother is, in every cell, a totally different human organism than the mother. As such the developing human should have rights. Every human should have the right to live, even if that human is dependent on someone else for survival. This also applies to people who are incapacitated.

Why isn't abortion an issue with domestic pets? We could say that a dog with an unwanted pregnancy should have an abortion. This does not usually happen because it is acceptable to kill a surplus of domestic pets. Therefore, an unwanted pregnancy is allowed to go to full term and the offspring are either adopted, or killed. This is the common practice in China for unwanted children. It is more natural and less expensive to let a child die from natural causes (neglect) than to terminate the pregnancy through surgical methods.

Therefore, I am certain that no argument on any moral or legal grounds would justify abortion. The only exception that would be permissible is if the mother would most certainly die carrying the child to term. Especially compelling would be the case where the death of the mother would also kill the developing child, anyway.

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  1. Human beings haven't evolved past the dead zone stage of development.

    Men who rape females should be hung by their genitals - and that's that.