Friday, July 2, 2010

Contentment and comparison

The more you compare yourself to others, the less content you will be with yourself.

-Jeff Delinck

Many people are not completely happy. Especially if they are looking to earthly things like food, money, and popularity to satisfy them. There is a certain enjoyment that they try to attain. If I am only seeking for my own enjoyment, I know when I am enjoying myself, or I am happy.

The minute I start to compare myself to others, however, I might find a person who is enjoying himself to a larger extent. Either he is watching a larger TV than me, he has more leisure time than me, he is healthier than me, his grass is greener than mine, the list is extensive.

However, if I am doing what I know is the right thing, and doing it to the best of my ability in my current situation, I should be completely happy that I have done what I could and feel no need to change that.

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  1. very true indeed =) we only need to look within (or have faith) and happiness can exists anywhere with us