Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knowledge within

I got a saying in a fortune cookie: "One cannot teach a man, only reveal what is within".

That saying falls through the cracks on so many fronts. Some things a man cannot know until it is first taught. For instance, a person's name, or what they are called. One cannot know inside what a person is called until one is introduced.

No one can know when a person will die, or that the person died, unless it is told them. That a castle exists in Germany or China, or that a bridge fell thousands of year ago, cannot be know unless it is seen or told to a person. These things are not within.

There are two things which are within that can be taught. That would be peace and anger. Anger is a learned response. A person in touch with his anger will react with anger. Peace is also within. A person who is in harmony with others will react peacefully.

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